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PDF files are the most widely used files at present time. If you add password to such files, it will add extra security to these files and protect them from being copied, edited and extracted. But, what if you forget password of these files or you want to access content of these files? It will be a pathetic situation for you. Don’t worry, there is a solution for such problem. To remove restrictions on PDF files, you need a software tool which remove passwords and other restrictions on the PDF file. You can use free PDF unlocker. But, there is always some limitations on free tools i.e. limitations on no. of files, limitations on file size etc. Even some free PDF unlocker put a watermark on your PDF files. So, it is good to use a premium software if you want full access to PDF files irrespective of any limitations.
In this article, i am explaining about 5 best PDF unlock software tools which are most advanced and widely used.

Sysinfotools PDF Restriction Remover

Sysinfotools PDF restriction remover is an advanced tool which provides solutions to all PDF related issues. It safely remove passwords from PDF files be it user or owner password. It smartly identifies all encryption and other security parameters existed on PDF files and remove all the restrictions for the full access on such files.


  • Supports single as well as multiple PDF files at a time.
  • Safely remove both user and owner passwords.
  • Safely remove other security parameters and restrictions applied on PDF files.
  • Enables users to view metadata and other information of PDF files.
  • Supports Adobe Acrobat created PDF files.
  • Compatible with all versions of windows.

Aryson PDF Unlocker

Aryson PDF unlocker tool is one of the smartest software tool which provides solutions to PDF restrictions. It is an advanced tool by which you can not only remove the passwords but remove various restrictions applied on PDF files. The best part of this software is , it has an interactive and easy to use interface that allows anyone to use it without having any prior technical knowledge.


  • Unlock multiple files at a time.
  • Safely unlock PDF files without installation of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Safely unlock PDF files and enables user to copy, edit, extract and print the text.
  • Highly compatible with latest Windows 10 and other older versions of Windows OS.
  • Also available with demo version.

Kernel For PDF Restriction Remover

Kernel for PDF Restriction Remover provides an interactive and intuitive interface so that even a novice user can use it easily. It is a safe software tool that makes no alternations in the original PDF file and ensures that even after PDF restriction removal all the original data remains intact.


  • Doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat installation to remove restriction as it is stand-alone software.
  • Rebuilds new PDF file having no restrictions with prefix “Unlock”.
  • Remove restrictions in a single click.
  • Provide real time access to important data saved in PDF file.
  • Safely unlock PDF files created using Adobe Acrobat.

    VeryPDF PDF Password Remover

    VeryPDF PDF Password Remover is a software tool used to remove passwords and restrictions from PDF files by decrypting them. It helps to generate PDF files with no passwords and enables user to copy, edit, print, add annotations etc. It provides two versions: standard version named VeryPDF PDF Password Remover and Pro version named VeryPDF PDF Password Remover COM.


    • Safely remove security settings from encrypted PDF file.
    • Repair damaged PDF files and recover corrupt annotations in them.
    • Provides command line application for manual use.
    • Able to remove 40 and 128-bit RC4 encryption owner passwords.
    • Optimizes the decryption speed for large sized PDF files. 

    Now coming to conclusion, all the above mentioned software tools are good to use. You can use free as well as paid version of any of the above software. In my recommendation, Sysinfotools is the best that’s why I have put it on 1st. Hope this article helps many of the users who are seeking a good PDF password unlock solutions. 

    Stellar PDF Unlocker

    Stellar PDF unlocker is also a renowned name in the field of PDF unlock and recovery. It provides a safe and smart solution to unlock PDF files. It also eyes on added security as it detect the corrupt PDF files and do not recover or remove restrictions from them. It provides support for unlocking from owner level password security.


    • Safely unlock PDF file in batch with Business License.
    • Enables to remove PDF comment protection.
    • Safely remove signature restrictions and allows form filling in PDF files.
    • Supports Adobe Acrobat with 128/256 bit encryption.
    • Compatible with all Windows versions (32 and 64 bit).

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