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Best OST File Viewer Tool 2018 - Reviews of 3 Software to View or Read OST File

This blog describes about best OST File Viewer to view, open or read OST file of MS Outlook with helps of three best software for OST File Viewer given by technical expert, try one out of three software to easily view or read corrupted OST file. So, let’s get started:

As we know that OST file is an Offline Storage Table in Microsoft Outlook. An OST file makes it possible for the user to work offline or use the default Cached Exchange Mode.

And If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your regular email client then you must be aware of the fact that these OST files are prone to corruption, virus or malware attack etc. which led outlook files inaccessible to users. It becomes difficult for users to open, view and read OST file. In such a situation one needs a solution or remedy to open, view and read OST files. As  the manual method is a bit tricky for users to perform. So, it is advisable to use an automated method to restore access to the file. I have chosen the ones I consider the ideal choice to view and read OST file with ease. There are 3 tools to read and View OST files.

Best OST File Viewer to View and Read OST Files

As discussed above, there are numerous tools available in the market to view and read OST files. But, as I have said I will only discuss the ones I have used on my own and would be a great choice to use as they have some excellent features such as users can preview attachments, they are easy to use and all of them are free.

1. Aryson OST File Viewer

Aryson OST file Viewer is freely available to view, read or open OST files without MS Outlook, it can be normal or corrupted. The OST file viewer is smart enough to open corrupt or inaccessible files without any hurdles.

Let’s find out what more it is capable of:

  • Displaying emails, calendars, contacts, notes, task, journal, entries etc.
  • Auto-detection of the file information before displaying the mailbox.
  • OST viewer is fully compatible with all Windows versions be it Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

2. Sysinfo OST File Viewer

It is software that provides the advantage of easy access to offline OST files without installing Microsoft Outlook. Some of its exclusive features are:

  • Users can Scan View Corrupt OST files.

It allows users to scan and view corrupt, damaged OST files and then it provides a preview of the contents quickly.

  • Impressive Search Option.

The tool has an advanced Search option which helps users to locate particular emails by typing the matching terms or keywords in text format.

  • Various Modes to View OST files

It has seven multiple viewing modes be it normal, property, deep mode etc.

3. Turgs OST File Viewer

Turgs OST file viewer is one of the popular file viewers to open read and view OST files effortlessly.

Users can preview files in just a few seconds. Some of its prominent features are:

  • It maintains Folder Hierarchy
  • The software does not compromise the real, original formatting and folder hierarchy.
  • Open Orphan OST file
  • The tool lets users open and reads orphan, disconnected OST files.
  • View Encrypted & locked OST files.
  • It allows users to view encrypted or locked OST files without any difficulty.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Best MS Access Password Recover Tool 2018 - Reviews of 3 Software

“In this blog, we will discuss what is MS Access Database, why we need MS Access Password Recovery tool and the best three MS Access password recovery tool that you can use to recover forgotten or lost password.”

Microsoft Office facilitates its users to secure their any documents by setting up a password so that no other can preview or modify their private data. This feature is available in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and also in Access.

However, it can really create a problem if you forgot the password because MS Office password system is highly secure and very hard to break. Keeping data secure is the high priority for most of the users these days but sometimes keeping track of all the passwords can really become a mess and end up losing few of them.

Have you forgotten your MS Access password and want to recover, then read this blog and I’ll suggest you best 3 tools to recover lost MS Access password in no time.

But before that let’s clear what MS Access Database actually is?

What is MS Access Database?

Microsoft Access is a data management tool that allows the user to store information for reporting, remark and examine. It benefits you while evaluating huge amounts of information, and it manages data better than Microsoft Excel. Also, the MS Access database management system assists Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a distinct UGI and software-development tools.

Why we need MS Access Password Recover tools?

Like we discussed earlier keeping the record of all the password can seriously create a mess and you end up losing few of them. These tools are very well equipped with advanced algorithm to recover forgotten or lost password. They can even restore the password of the corrupted file with just a few clicks.

All right, now let’s get down to the business. As we all know that there are an uncountable number of tools to recover lost or forgotten your MS access password and if you landed on this page then I assume you are looking for best, so here are three best MS Access Password Recover Tool that I found when I was facing the same problem.

1. Aryson Access Password Recovery

Aryson MS Access password recovery tool is a very well designed tool to reset and restore/recover MS Access password skillfully. Its advanced algorithm let users reset the original passwords of Access database in no time. The interface of this software is so easy to understand that even a non-technical user can use it to recover original MS Access passwords without any help.


  • Restores MS Access passwords.
  • Recovery of multilingual ACCDB and MDB passwords. 
  • Supports MS Access database versions (MS Access 2000, 2002 and even from 2003) 
  • Resets or restore passwords from encrypted Access database also. 
  • Efficient software to restore forgotten passwords in safe mode 
  • Very simple and easy to understand GUI 
  • Compatible for all versions of Windows.


  • This premium tool only has one problem that it is not free of cost.

2. Sysinfotools MS Access Password Recovery

SysInfo Access Password recovery has more than efficient algorithms to recover forgotten or lost MS Access Database passwords. It generates the original password instantly without wasting any time. Any user can run this software to recover MDB passwords, no matter it was encrypted or encrypted or any jumbled characters.


  • Supports recovery MS Access database files password easily. 
  • Multi encoding support.
  • Compatible with entire Access Database series (Access 2003, 2002, and 2000). 
  • Reset or restore password of strong unencrypted or encrypted.
  • Highly effective, recover the password without any data loss.
  • Recovers multilingual password. 
  • The free demo is available online for evaluation.


  • In the demo version, it only shows the first two characters in spite of complete password.

3. Access Password Unlocker

This tool is efficient in the deep analysis of the password algorithm and also the implementation of the generated MS office. This tool similarly can reset the of both encrypted and unencrypted MS Access files. It was recently updated for better GUI.


  • 100% password recovery.
  • Recover MS Access password very easily and efficiently.  
  • Support MS Access 2007/2003/2000/97. 
  • Reset MS Access 2007 password fast with only 3 attacks. 
  • Simple GUI.
  • Easy and safe. 


  • This tool as well works perfectly and reset or recovers your password but it is somewhat slower than the above two. 


These are the three software that I found which are the best among the best. You can use any one of them to restore your MS Access password without wasting any time as all of them are build with the perfect recovery algorithm.

Hope this blog would help you to decide which MS Access Password recovery tool you should opt. If you find a better software for this task then do share with us in the comment section.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Best PST File Viewer of 2018 - Reviews of 3 Tools to View or Open PST File

In this blog, we will discuss why we need a PST file viewer and the best three MS Outlook PST file viewers that will preview all the available data in a PST file. So let’s dive in without wasting any more time.

As we know Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that is used by the big organization as well as by startups all across the globe. It is mostly used for emails, contacts, calendars, etc. and MS Outlook saves it’s all data in PST file format that is only supported by Outlook only. So if you want to access PST file you need to have either Outlook Email Recovery application.

But, sometimes the situation may occur where the user may need to open and view a PST file without MS Outlook because of reasons like corrupt or dismounted PST files. In these type of situations, the user is left helpless to open and view PST file. So one need to use a PST file viewer as their no other manual method to open or view the content to the PST file safely.

Now which PST file viewer you should choose best among them all. So here is three best PST file viewer as all of them provides the best experience.

1. Aryson PST Viewer

Aryson PST file viewer is a perfect tool designed specifically to easily open and view PST file without the need of MS Outlook. The user can use this tool to view all the mail items like emails, contacts, tasks, etc. This PST viewer supports all the versions of MS Outlook along with all the versions of Windows. It is so simple to use that even a non-technical uses can run it effortlessly.


  • Easy to view, read and open PST files. 
  • Preview healthy and corrupt Outlook PST files. 
  • Support both ANSI and UNICODE PST files. 
  • Preview all your emails, contacts, calendars, journal, etc. 
  • Allow exporting and save PST file in HTML format. 
  • Even let you export or save PST file in log (.txt) file. 
  • Simple & interactive GUI. 
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.


  • It is not free of cost, you need to upgrade to full version to access all the premium feature. 

2. Sysinfo PST Viewer

Another premium free PST file viewer is from Sysinfotools. It’s simple and easy to understand GUI make this tools unique in itself. Another amazing feature of this tool is there is no file size limitation to preview PST file and the best reason to opt this tool is it is totally free of cost all you need to do is download it from the official website and run(purchase is required to unlock all features).


  • Easily open, view or read PST files without any need of MS Outlook.
  • Open corrupt Outlook data files as well.
  • Best in previewing Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Journal entries etc. 
  • Display all the detail of PST file information example version, file type etc. 
  • Export all the PST file data to HTML file format. 
  • Money back guarantee sysinfotools software sale.


  • This tool does not allow you to save PST file items into PST, MSG, MBOX, DBX, and EML. 

3. Kernel Outlook PST Viewer

Kernel PST Viewer is one of the most advanced tool to preview PST file. It’s advanced search option to locate a particular mail and it’s portability makes it best to use without any problem. No viewing limit to use this tool.


  • Open corrupted as well as healthy PST files 
  • Preview all the data in the original hierarchy. 
  • Preview Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, etc. 
  • Filter to search Subject, From, To, and Date.  
  • Generate reports 
  • View properties of all items.
  • Free of cost.


  • It is a great tool to use but their only one small problem with it. This tool is somewhat slower than the rest of the PST Viewer.

MS Outlook is not available to everyone and everywhere so use a PST Viewer to ease things out and preview data of the PST file. There are so many different tools available and it becomes really hard to decide which to choose. Therefore, I have discussed these three tools with you guys as they stand out to me. All of these three are totally safe and secure to use. Use anyone out of three to preview healthy or repair corrupted PST file. Hope this blog would help you to decide which PST Viewer tool to use. If you find a better tool then do them me in the comment section.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Best BKF Recovery Tool of 2018 - Review of 3 Software for BKF File Recovery

Best BKF Recovery Tool of 2018 reviewed by expert on behalf of pros and cons, all of these are best BKF File Recovery software allows to extract data from BKF file.

“Backup files” are called as BKF files aka “Microsoft Tape Format(MTP)”. Backup basically refers to the make a copying of your data files or databases and store it in a secondary location from where it can be equipped if somehow your data get deleted or corrupted. Nowadays, file corruption is not very uncommon and BKF files are no different, they can also get corrupted. They are highly secure but no file is safe from corruption. So if your BKF file gets corrupted you have to use some repair tool to fix your corrupted file. Below mentioned tools are the best BKF recovery tools that can easily recover any BKF files which are either corrupt/damaged/inaccessible due to any reasons.

1. Aryson BKF Recovery Tool 

Aryson provides you the best and the finest BKF Repair software. According to an extensive study, it's one of the smartest and quickest ways to repair BKF file. It recovers entire data in their original form without any data loss.


  • Windows NTBackup & Symantec Backup Exec are supported.
  • Three different Recovery modes (standard, Advance, and Deep modes).
  • Smart Search feature let you located a specific file from the scanned data.
  • Tree Structure Preview is added to construct the folder hierarchy of restored/recovered BKF files. 
  • Proficient in the preview of 200 different file formats.
  • Can restore/recover bkf file to size 1TB.
  • It can recover maximum passable data from the corrupted BKF files without any data loss. It gives you the exact clone of the original BKF files. 
  • Super easy to use and best GUI experience.


  • Everything is great about this tool except one and that is its demo version does not allow the user to save recovered file i.e only view option is available for your recovered data.

2. Sysinfotools BKF Recovery Tool

One of the best BKF repair tool available in the market right now. It’s outstanding features and easy-to-use interface of this product make it stand alone. It’s a highly effective recovery algorithm help to recovers all the corrupted/damaged BKF file quickly.


  • Supports BKF files created by Windows NTBackup utility along with VERITAS Backup Exec. 
  • Select multiple BKF files for batch recovery. 
  • Two recovery modes, i.e. Standard and Advanced.
  • The only BKF Recovery tool that can recover data from compresses BKF files.
  • Recover SQL databases from corrupt BKF files with no sweat. 
  • Easy and highly interactive GUI. 
  • Compatible with all major versions of the Windows OS.


  • The price of this BKF Repair tool is somewhat higher than the rest of BKF recovery tools.

3. DataNumen BKF Repair

BKF Repair Tool for Windows OS is a very powerful and automatic tool developed for the sole reason to recover data from corrupt BKF files. This tool is assembled with the recovery algorithm to restore maximum data from the corrupted file with any losses.


  • Support for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. 
  • Support to repair Microsoft Backup(BKF) files.
  • Repair BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software, NT, Netware, OS/2 or Macintosh.
  • Repair BKF files on corrupted media, like Hard drives, Pen drives, CD ROMs, etc.
  • Recover multi-dataset and multi-volume BKF archives at a time. 
  • Support to repair BKF files of large size.


  • Although it is a very good tool to recover corrupted BKF files but has few flaws, like it hangs sometimes when you are recovering large file and it is significantly slower than the rest of the BKF recovery tools.

There are 100’s of BKF recovery tools available in the market but these stands out to me. These are the best three BKF recovery tools that I found are worth considering after long, deep and through research. So if you are looking for a backup recovery tool then do give a try to any one of them. Feel free to compare these tools with the rest of the recovery tools and tell me if you found a better one in the comments.

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Best Outlook Email Recovery Software of 2018: Review of 3 Tools

Review of 3 best Outlook Email Recovery software given by technical expert according to their prose and cons, download Email Recovery software for all versions of MS Outlook, allows to recover deleted or lost emails.

Emails make your communication simple and effective so that your work schedule be kept in pace. Emails are very crucial for working professionals as well as organisations and the most widely used email system is Outlook.

If you lose your important emails due to some reasons, what will happen? It becomes very hard to retrieve your emails once they have been deleted permanently. All of your mailbox items become inaccessible. But, don’t worry, there are various software with technical advancement which can be used for email recovery. In most of the cases, problem occurs due to corruption of Outlook PST file. So, in order to resolve the issue, You must use an Outlook PST repair software.

Well, there are many free and paid email recovery software available in market. In this article, I will give review of best 3 software tools. But, before proceeding, I want to explain about the Microsoft’s inbuilt inbox repair tool i.e. Scanpst.exe to repair PST file.

Inbox Repair tool for Outlook Email Recovery

Microsoft provides an inbox repair tool that is commonly known as Scanpst.exe. It is an in-built repair tool provided by Microsoft that can repair corrupt Outlook PST file. But , as it can fix only header corruption issues, it may or may not be able to repair PST files with severe corruption. In such a case, it is recommended to use a third-party software tool.

Top 3 Best Outlook Email Recovery Software for Outlook Email Clients

1. Aryson Outlook PST Repair

It is one of the most efficient email recovery tools that is capable of recovering not just corrupted data but also has the ability to restore deleted emails. Backed up with a strong algorithm, the tool scans all the mailbox items present in PST file & recovers them in order.


  • No size limitations of PST file that needs to be recovered.
  • Performs recovery of Encrypted & Password Protected PST Files
  • Provided with a feature to save recovered file into multiple formats- PST, MBOX, MSG, DBX and EML.
  • Featured with preview option to preview the recovered files before saving.
  • Three recovery modes- Standard, Advanced and Deep depending upon levels of corruption.
  • Most pocket friendly software worth only $49.
  • Compatible with PST files created with all versions of MS Outlook.


  • The only cons of this email recovery software is that it doesn’t support multiple PST files i.e. one PST file at a time.

2 . SysinfoTools Outlook PST Repair

It is also one of the popular PST Repair tool serving thousands of Outlook users. Also, it is having interactive and user-friendly GUI that makes it stand ahead of others.


  • Restores all Outlook mailbox items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Distribution groups etc.
  • Snapshot feature is provided to avoid the re-scanning of same PST file.
  • Search feature to locate any particular email messages from the selected PST file.
  • Regular attachments as well embedded attachments are also supported.
  • No file size limitations for PST recovery.


  • If corruption is severe, it may take more time in scanning the file.
  • Software doesn’t support a batch of PST files, i.e. only one PST file at a time.

3. DataNumen Outlook Repair

One more names comes in the niche of Outlook PST Repair tool is DataNumen. It is one of the most reliable and effective email recovery tools available in the market. With an efficient ability to recover maximum possible data from the mailbox folders of corrupt PST files.


  • Splits large PST files into smaller ones.
  • Supports batch recovery i.e. multiple files at a time.
  • Repairs and recovers PST file of any size.
  • Supports to recover outlook email from corrupt media devices such as floppy, zip disks and CD-Rom.


  • Very costly compared to the competitors.
  • Sometimes recovery rate is slow.


In my opinion, the above mentioned software are the best for the people who want instant recovery as these software recover and restore corrupt PST files most of the times. You can also use some other software which are good to go but with a lot of competition and similar products with similar features, it is very difficult to find a reliable PST repair tool. I have shared my personal experience after doing a lot of R&D and recommended above mentioned software.

I hope this article would help the people having issues in email recovery. I have shared what I feel. If you have any suggestions regarding the same, feel free to comment.

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Best SQL Server Password Changer to Reset or Change SQL SA Password

How to Reset/Change SQL Server Password with Help of SQL Password Changer

Some days back, I got a question on this topic and the question was “how to reset/change SQL password” without reinstalling it. I guess many of us face issues like this. So; today from this article I will be sharing three easy Methods or ways to reset/change SQL Server Password.

Method 1: Reset/change SQL Server Password using SQL script.

  • Open the SQL Server Management Studio
  • Now, open a new query.
  • Copy, paste and perform the following steps as  mentioned below:

Go to the ALTER LOGIN [sa] with DEFAULT_DATABASE=[master]
USE [master]
Where NewPassword is the password you want to use for the sa account.

Method 2: Reset SQL password in Management Studio.

You can easily change or reset your and once again can have access to the powers of SA account using windows authentication mode.

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Login into SQL server using Window Authentication.
  • In the Objective Explorer Option, open Security folder and now open the Login folder.
  • Right click on sa account and go to properties.
  • Now, reset/change sa password and press OK

Method 3: Reset SQL server Password using Automated Method  

If all the above methods don’t work in resetting or changing SQL server password, then the only method left with you is Aryson MS SQL SERVER PASSWORD RECOVERY V.20.It is the best solution to instantly reset or change SQL server account in a very safe manner. This SQL Server password Recovery Software allows user to set a new password for their accounts if they have forgotten or lost the original password. With this recovery tool you can crack users as well as System Administrator account password flawlessly.

Some of its exclusive features are:

  • It can set new Password for user accounts in SQL server by replacing the original password.
  • It can crack all types of SQL passwords, such as encrypted and UN-encrypted Password and a many more.

Now, let’s see how to change the password by using this tool:

Step 1. Download MS SQL Server Password Recovery 
Step 2. Browse master.mdf file to continue the password recovery process.

Step 3. Click on the Open file button to choose the SQL server master data base file (master.mdf) which is in documents.

Step 4. Select the desired user from user list and choose any option   “Change Password “ or “Remove password “according to your need.

Step 5. To reset SQL server password click on “change password”button.

Step 6. Type a new password and click OK.
Step 7. Password successfully changed for selected database.

Step 8. Submit YES and close the application.


The tool I mentioned is the best tool to reset SQL server password as per my knowledge. You can choose any method on the basis of your need. Hope the above mentioned tool and the two manual steps will help you in changing your SQL server password.

Friday, 13 July 2018

How to Convert Offline Folder OST File to PST in Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007

The OST stands for Offline Storage Tables, when there is unreliable connectivity of internet then OST is an effective means to access Exchange Server mailbox folders locally on the Outlook client. It permits to continue with the mailbox functionality when the server is not connected that is in the offline mode. However, OST files have a property of stiffness and cannot be influenced easily by an external interruption. Sometimes there is a condition when OST data becomes inaccessible due to which routine business operations got affected. There are many reasons that make OST data inaccessible.

The troubleshooting of inaccessibility of OST is needed, no matter what is the version of the application likewise MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or any older ANSI edition. This is the simple solution to export offline folder file to Outlook PST when you have to resolve all the problems regarding the OST, regardless how severe files are damaged and harmed.

Steps to Convert Offline Folder File to Outlook PST format which are as follows:

(1) Archive Method

The Outlook has a feature of an archive which can be used to copy or move mailbox items to PST. All the items of OST mailbox can be converted into PST format. But, in this feature, only Contact item is there which cannot be archived. Regardless any other items of the mailbox can be exported. Steps for archiving are as follows:

a. First, open MS Outlook after that open the OST file from which the data requires to be exported
b. Just Click on File tab, click on Info, and then click on CleanUp Tools
c. Next, the step is to choose Archive from the options
d. Archive dialog box will appear, make sure that Archive this folder and all subfolders option is selected by the way it is selected by default
e. Select the folder or item that you need to export or convert to PST like Inbox.
f. In the Archive items older than the box, it provides an appropriate date. All the items that were received earlier until the mentioned date will be archived. 
g. In the Archive file: option, give the destination path to store the new PST.
h. Click on OK to achieve the export process.

(2) Method of Drag and Drop of Mailbox Items

In this method, you can drag and drop OST mailbox items to PST file format. It is the one of an efficient way to transfer data from OST file to Outlook PST. First of all, to achieve this you have to create blank PST file in MS Outlook and then click and drag the desired item in the OST mailbox to create new PST file.

Although, this procedure has some constraints regarding the method of drag and drop of a mailbox.
For every individual item which has to be exported to PST mailbox, you have to repeat the process. You have to pay attention during the process because it is time-consuming, and committing a single mistake will lead to an unwanted repetition of the process.  
To export structure folder or other default folders such as inbox, calendars, contacts etc. you have to create new PST file to organize the whole data in a systematic way.

(3)  Method of Outlook Import & Export Wizard

There is another method for exporting OST file to PST files in Outlook 2010 is MS Outlook Import and Export wizard. It can also be used for another version. In this method, you can also choose OST data to Excel and CSV file formats. This technique is manual; you can try an attempt for error-free execution.

So, there are possibilities of losing the important data in each step during the execution process when it is done inaccurately. This process needs a lot of attention and technical efficiency to accomplish built-in import/export strategy. To overcome this problem you should take backup of OST file before executing the export, to restore them. By doing so your data will not lose when there is any mistake.

(4) Tool to Converter Offline Folder OST File to PST

The Converter tool is also available it is an automatic method to export bulk mailboxes. So, the alternate is OST to PST Converter which can be used for converting offline Exchange OST to PST in MS Outlook. This tool also has many features like:
  • Your data will not change after conversion.
  • It performs the quick and safe conversion and maintains data integrity. 
  • This tool or software can be used for both normal and corrupt files.
  • It also supports encryption. The files which are password protected will also get exported.