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What is Next when Scanpst.exe Failed to Repair PST Files

Recently my PST files got corrupted. So, I used the inbuilt Scanpst.exe tool to repair the PST file. However, scanpst.exe fails to repair my pst files. Therefore I’m writing this blog to help you if you are in a similar situation.

In today’s world emails have become the best way of communication in organizations. One of the best email service provider is Microsoft Outlook. It helps users to organize their emails along with all the attachments, also it assists to manage folders, notes, contacts, calendar, etc. To keep the files secure Outlook stores all the mailbox data in PST file format which can only be accessed by MS Outlook.

However, PST files can get damaged or corrupt due to the virus, malware, storage corruption, etc. Under those circumstances, users could no access the emails or attachments. Therefore Outlook provides an inbuilt tool so that a user can fix the files when some error is encountered. It will first diagnose and then fix the small corruption.

But in my case, Scanpst.exe couldn’t fix the PST file due to larger in size. So I found another solution to fix it and I am sharing it with you so that you can also use it to repair your PST files.

Steps if Scanpst.exe does not repair Outlook.pst file?

  1. Open MS Outlook application.
  2. Go to the menu and select New, then click on “Outlook Data File”
  3. Select option “Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)” and “OK.”
  4. In the file name dialog box, click on the name of the file, and press “OK.”
  5. In Name box, now input a display name to the .pst folder and press “OK.”
  6. Now, select “Tools” and tap on “Account settings”, the Data Files.
  7. Select the new PST file, and “Set As Default.”
  8. After that remove the older PST file.
  9. Close the window and Outlook.

Note: Also create a backup of the PST files before starting the recovery steps.

The above steps will probably fix your PST files but if still, you cannot access your PST file, then my friend you need to use a professional tool. I would like to recommend this Outlook repair tool that I used and repaired all my files in one go.

One Tap Solution To Fix Corrupted PST File

Using this professional Outlook Repair for PST tool is the one-stop solution for all the corruption and errors. When Scanpst.exe and the manual solution couldn’t fix the PST files, this tool comes for rescue. This tool is developed with high-end futuristic algorithm ensuring 100% success in repairing the inaccessible PST files. It’s deep scanning methodology aids to recover all the files and fixes every sector. No matter the size of the PST file it will recover all the data intact. Also, it assists in the recovery of password protected as well as encrypted PST files.
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Last Word

Scanpst.exe is the best way to repair any inaccessible PST files, however, it is developed to fix only small size PST files and minor level of corruption. So from my experience, I would like to highly recommend this tool to recover the PST files safely and quickly.

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