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How to Repair Corrupt SQLite Database With SQLite Recovery Tool

SQLite database is very prone to corruption and many of us have no idea on how to resolve it. So today. I will be telling you some manual techniques with which you can easily repair corrupt SQLite database. However, apart from these manual procedures will also be sharing one SQLite recovery tool for easy assistance.

SQLite is one of the popular relational database management system. It is used by various operating systems, browsers, embedded systems and many more other applications. SQLite best fits those users who are looking for an open source and embedded database software.
SQLite works as an embedded SQL database engine as it doesn’t have a separate server process.

Key Points For SQLite Database

  • It stores data in UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode)
  • SQLite2 and SQLite3 are the two versions of SQLite
  • Has five storage classes: BLOB, NULL, REAL,INTEGER and TEXT
Apart from this, there is one more question which I frequently get and that is:

What is The Difference Between SQL and SQLite Database

SQLite Database
SQL Server Database
It’s a portable database resource SQL server needs to be running as a server
SQLite uses SQL database SQL is a database query language
It is file based It is server based

SQLite Database Corruption

Whenever your SQLite database moves into an inaccessible state this means that your database is facing corruption. It can happened due to many reasons but the only way through which you can get your data back is to repair corrupt SQLite database.

There are many reasons due to which you may face corruption:

  • Opening up a file decryptor again and again may overwrite the thread files which ultimately leads to data corruption.
  • SQlite uses journal files and if you rename or move those files from the actual location, the database will not be able to track the files. Which leads to data corruption
  • Restoring your files when a transaction is going on may also lead to data corruption. 
So now the question is how to repair SQLite database which is corrupt?

So let’s see:

How To Repair Corrupt SQLite Database Manually

So here in this step by step guide, I will tell you how you can recover the database files for free.

Step 01: Launch DD Browser on your system and click on Execute SQL
Step 02: Type PRAGMA integrity_check and click on the play button
Step 03: If the integrity check doesn’t show you any error then you can export the files into your SQL Database. Click on File – Export – Database to SQL file
Step 04: Now select the objects that you want to export and click ‘Ok’
Step 05: Go to File – Import – Database from SQL file to import the files into SQLite database

This process will help you to recover and repair corrupt SQLite database files with ease. However, there are situations when this mentioned procedure doesn’t give results as we look for. That time, the only option that users are left with is to use

Repair SQLite Database With A Professional Software

If repairing the files is not possible with the above mentioned technique then I would suggest you to go for SQLite Database Recovery.

Have analyzed this software and found it very effective. It is one of the most advanced recovery tool available online. It can repair any types of corruption. In addition, the interface of this software is easy to understand and execute, so that even a novice user can also use it without any technical help. It supports recovery of SQLite database created by SQLite2 and SQLite3.

You can even download the free / demo version to easily evaluate the tool.


So, it is totally up to you whether you want to go for manual procedures or a professional software. The manual procedures are good but not that effective sometimes. Whereas professional software is effective but they are not free.

Hope you liked this article. 

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