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How to Backup Gmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Keeping a backup Gmail account is a wise step to take. But do you know how you can do it? If not, then learn it from here. In this blog, we will cover various ways to backup Gmail emails.

Gmail account is one of the most commonly used email clients for storing crucial information. But to keep that data safe is a hard task as the probability of losing data is way higher. Thus, many users want to be safe by saving these emails on their hard drives. In this way, they can get mailboxes whenever they want and it will be more secure than the previous option.

Now the question arises how and why backup Gmail account emails? That we will discuss one by one so stick to this article to know the email backup process. So, let’s start the article by knowing the reasons behind this backup.

Reasons to Take Backup of Gmail Email

There are plenty of reasons that influence the user to use the backup option. Some of them are stated below:

  1. For backup purposes.
  2. Or, their Gmail account storage is getting filled.
  3. To protect your Gmail account and messages from hackers or incorrect passwords.

Methods to Backup Gmail Email to Computer

Backup Gmail on Hard Drive by Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout can help the users by generating a replica of their entire Google Account, and also Gmail data. One can use it by using the following steps:

  1. In the beginning, typing in your browser’s Address field. Users must sign in before they utilize the tool.
  2. Now, use the scroll bar on the right to see the list of data, that can be utilized for the backup via this utility. Here, users can view all the types of data to access their Google account.
  3. Then, to the right to back up your Gmail account, slide the Gmail slider. If one tap on the down arrow to the left of the slider, then the screen will expand. Users can choose or refine the selected parts of your Gmail for backup purposes.

Pick one out of these options:

  • To Include all your mail for your all Gmail back up by tapping on the toggle next.
  • Hit the toggle button next to Select labels. After that, the user can select the labels (folders) for backup.
  1. Once the user picks the data types to back up, tap the Next button on the lower left of the screen. Now, the Customize archive format screen will appear. User can state the following characteristics of your archive:
  • Use .zip as your default file type for your archive file. Hit the down arrow to pick the .tgz file type.
  • Users can utilize the maximum file archive size of 50GB. Tap the down arrow to select one out of the following file sizes. These are: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB.
  • Delivery method. Here, users can get their archived data. Tap the down arrow to select between receiving an email download link, a file on Google Drive, a file on Dropbox, or a file on OneDrive.

Point to remember: Normally,  archives get stored on Google Drive count against the Google storage quota. If your archive is quite large, then select other ways of receiving it.

  1. Once the user chooses the archive format options, then, tap the Create Archive button located in the lower-left corner.

Now, the user can see the process of archiving is being prepared. Once it is completed, users will be notified of the archive’s location via email.

Point to remember: a user’s email hugely depends on the option of delivery method that one selects.

  1. From here, go according to the instructions stated in the email to access your Gmail archive.

Backup Gmail Email to Hard Drive through MS Outlook

  • Initially, start the MS Outlook and log in.
  • Tap on the Settings Gear button, then tap on the View All Outlook Settings option from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, tap on Gmail and choose the Sync Email option.
  • Here, the user will see a window on the screen in which they have to type the display name.
  • Hit on the option Connect your Google Account.
  • Next, generate a new folder for the emails from where all the Gmail Emails will import. And, tap on the OK button.
  • Select the Gmail Account from where one can import their entire emails to Outlook.
  • Next, input the credentials of your Gmail Account. And, tap on the Next Button.
  • After that, the user will be asked for authentication. Tap on Allow and close the Setting Windows.

Users can easily save these emails as a PST file on their PC as soon as they are imported. From here, users can move the PST file into an external hard drive and the backup of Gmail emails will generate.

A Professional Tool to Backup Gmail Emails to PC (Hard Drive)

These were some of the tips and tricks that one can follow to backup Gmail emails. If these methods don’t go well as expected then try the alternative options. Users can try the Gmail Backup Tool to get the backup of Gmail as MBOX, PST, EML, MSG, EMLX on a Local PC/Computer. The utility also offers the Free Demo version to backup up to 50 emails of Gmail for free.

Last Remark

Now, I hope users know the different approaches to back up Gmail accounts. Here, they can easily backup their emails either through manual or alternative options.

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