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Best PST Merge Tool for MS Outlook

This blog summarized why we need a PST file Merger, Benefits of PST Merge Tool, Why We Use PST Merge Tool Against Manual Method and Process to use PST Merge Tool.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients which is used by most of the organization whether they are big or startups. Also used for personal use by many individuals to handle their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc and Outlook stores all the data in the PST file format to withstand slow performance or data corruption.

Why we need a PST file Merger?

Most of us create multiple files unmindfully to save our data. Things get complicated overtimes and we need to merge them and keep them in one file. These are the reason one should consider to merge their PST files.
  • To organize multiple PST files.
  • It is easy to convert a single PST file rather than numerous files.
  • To avoid data loss or unintentional deletion.
  • Easily share single file rather than sharing one by one. 
That’s why it is better to have a single file instead of multiple files as a single file is easy to handle, easy to convert, easy to share.

Benefits of PST Merge Tool

Key features of PST mergers that everyone needs to know:

  1. Merges Multiple PST Files – Using any PST merger you can easily combine multiple PST file at once. That helps you save you valuable time as well as efforts.
  2. Keep data Integrity in check – While merging PST files these tools keeps your original data safe from any kind of corruption. 
  3. No limitation over file size – There is no upper or lower limit of the file size so you can merge any PST file of any size without any hassle.
  4. Eradicates repeated emails – This premium feature makes it more useful to the user as it removes all the duplicate emails in an instant. You can turn it off if required.
  5. Quick and safe – These tools are very quick and safe to use. They can merge or join multiple PST files within few seconds. 
  6. Easy GUI – They are very easy to use as they have the simplest and easy to understand GUI. 

Why We Use PST Merge Tool Against Manual Method?

Although the manual method is a free way to merge PST files it comprises many drawbacks like:
  • It is not very safe to merge PST files as many times it corrupts the parent PST files.
  • Can not combine multiple PST files at once.
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires somewhat technical knowledge.
So to avoid all the trouble just use this PST Merge Tool which is very easy to use and is 100% safe. This tool is the perfect solution to merge multiple PST files into one without any data forfeit. It’s super user-friendly GUI allows the user to employ with ease. It also merges all the attachments with affecting anyone one of them.

The Process to use PST Merge Tool

Follow these steps to merge multiple PST files:
  • Download the PST Merge Tool from the website. 
  • Launch the PST Merge software.

  • Select multiple PST files that you want to merge into a single file.
  • Select any location to save the merged PST file.
  • Now select merge PST files option and click Next
  • Also, you can encrypt the PST file by applying a password if you want to.
  • Merging process would begin, it would take a few minutes for successful completion. And lastly click close.
    Final Verdicts
    Almost all the Outlook user needs a merge once in a while. As managing a single PST file is much easier than handling a bunch of PST files cuz they can create unwanted problems at times. Both manual and professional method can merge PST files but professional method wins easily over manual methods. As it is quicker and safer with respect to manual methods which is very tiresome, time-consuming and lengthy.

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