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Top 05 Best NSF Converter Software of 2021

In the blog, we will discuss all about the NSF files, why we need a conversion of Lotus Notes NSF files to file formats of other email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live etc. and the best four NSF converter software tool that can be used for migrating Lotus Notes to other email clients.

IBM Lotus Notes is a most widely used email client across the globe. It is used in various organizations for business communication. Lotus Notes store all its mailbox database in the form of NSF files. Users find using Lotus Notes a bit complex and tedious. That’s why they wish to switch from Lotus Notes to other email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail etc. But, in today’s world, there are numerous alternatives available and one must go with the best option available. Outlook is the most popular email client with advanced features and prolonged security. This is the reason users prefer to migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook i.e. they wish to convert NSF to PST file format. So, let’s know some more about it.

 NSF to PST Converter tool

Reasons to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST file format

Here I am listing some common reasons due to which users wish to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook by converting NSF to PST.

  • Lotus Notes is having less user-friendly and complicated GUI than MS Outlook. Outlook is suitable for both naive as well as technically sound users. For non-technical users, it is difficult to work with Lotus Notes.
  • Outlook requires less maintenance cost.
  • Outlook is featured with prolonged security than any other email clients.
  • MS Outlook allows users to configure multiple accounts at a time.
  • Outlook is cost-effective in comparison to Lotus Notes.

Why we need NSF converter software?

As we discussed above that users wish to convert NSF to PST for migration of Lotus Notes to Outlook because working with IBM Lotus Notes is a tedious task. For this conversion, there are manual approaches. But, using manual methods can be risky as these methods are lengthy, time-consuming and complex to perform. So, in that scenario, we need an NSF converter to successfully convert NSF to PST file format.

All right, now let’s get down to the business. As we all know that there are an uncountable number of NSF converter software tools to perform NSF to PST conversion and if you landed on this page then I hope you are looking for best. So, let’s not waste any time more and let’s dig in the four best NSF converter software Tool that I found when I encountered the same issue.

01. Aryson NSF to PST Converter

The NSF to PST Converter offered by Aryson is a very authentic and reliable tool. It is loaded with advanced algorithm to export Lotus Notes database to Outlook. The interface is so user-friendly that even a non-technical user can easily use the application. Some of its advanced features are:

  • Exports all the Lotus Notes database to Outlook email client.
  • Allows selecting single as well as multiple files at a time.
  • Creates a LOG file of NSF to PST Conversion at a location defined by the user.
  • Smart search and preview feature.
  • No file size limitation.
  • Before NSF to PST conversion, remove encryption from NSF files.
  • Demo version offers to save first 25 emails of NSF to PST file format.

02. SysInfoTools NSF to PST Converter

SysInfoTools NSF to PST Converter is another very efficient tool for NSF to PST conversion. It is one of the known NSF converter software that instantly exports Lotus Notes database to Outlook without wasting time. Also, it is equipped with advanced features and intuitive GUI that makes even novice users work easily with this application.

  • Successfully converts NSF to PST without making any alteration in data.
  • Uses Data range feature to exclude undesired features from NSF files.
  • For resultant Outlook PST files, it enables custom folder mapping option.
  • Auto search and the smart preview feature for NSF database.
  • Allows single as well as multiple files.
  • Interactive GUI.

03. NSF to PST Converter from NSF Converter Tools

With this NSF to PST converter, it becomes very easy to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. It is well equipped with the advanced algorithm. Also, it keeps focus on data integrity keeping original data intact. It consists of some special features like saving DocLink and Internet Header options. Some of the features of this awesome NSF to PST Converter software are:

  • Performs Batch conversion by including single as well as multiple NSF files.
  • Remove encryption from encrypted NSF files.
  • An option of saving DocLink and Internet Header is available.
  • Converts NSF files created from any version of Lotus Notes.
  • Demo version NSF converter software is available .
  • Supportive to all Windows OS.

04. eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter

This NSF converter tools from eSoftTools is also a good software for NSF to PST conversion. It extracts data easily from Lotus Notes and migrates to Outlook. It is facilitated with Folder wise conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook. Here are some of its features:

  • Exports database from NSF files such as emails, calendars, events, journals etc.
  • Prevents original data from alteration keeping data integrity.
  • Supports all the Lotus Notes versions.
  • Performs Folder wise conversion.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, the above mentioned NSF software is the best for the people who want instant conversion of Lotus Notes to other email clients such as Outlook. This software converts NSF to PST effectively. You can also use some other software which is good to go but with a lot of competition and too many products with similar features, it is very difficult to find a reliable and authentic NSF to PST converter software. I have shared my personal experience after doing a lot of R&D and I recommend the above-mentioned software.

I hope this article would help the people who wish to migrate from Lotus Notes and are looking for an NSF converter. I have shared what I feel. If you have any suggestions regarding the same, feel free to comment.

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