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Impact of SD-WAN on business

In recent years, broadband-defined software (SD-WAN) has spread across the sky, and for good reason. While it is still an emerging technology, it is quickly recognized by businesses as a more efficient and cost-effective way to increase WAN performance to meet cloud infrastructure needs.

The technology industry, which was once the newest and largest, will soon change, and SD-WAN will quickly become one of the latest innovations to prevent events and help deliver the benefits of the cloud. As companies become more aware of the benefits of SD-WAN, the adoption rate is expected to grow rapidly with IDC predicting a $ 6 billion worth of SD-WAN market worldwide. universe for 2020.

As companies move into the era of digital transformation, SD-WAN has become the next generation of networking solutions. From application performance and flexibility to network security and cost savings, organizations can take advantage of the benefits of SD-WAN and all it has to offer.

So why SD-WAN?

Imagine your company has branches in the US, Canada and the UK. Two of the offices can connect via a single Internet connection, while the third uses multiple Internet providers.

Given the security vulnerabilities and performance fluctuations that come with using the Internet for business-critical applications, your organization needs a more robust networking solution that previously could only be achieved by building dedicated MPLS networks to connect all your sites. .

Without a large in-house IT department and a significant budget for high availability backup access, expansion will take time and money. That was until the introduction of sd wan impact on business.

Business benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes and is particularly ideal for any organization with more than one site that needs to provide secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage connectivity between sites.

SD-WAN doesn’t just cut costs, it provides simple, secure and robust enterprise-level WAN connectivity for companies with distributed branch locations that use cloud-based applications.

A key benefit of SD-WAN is that it allows organizations to focus on their IT business goals. This is done by connecting remote branch locations to a private network in a simpler, faster and more cost-effective way than traditional WANs, all without on-site IT support.

The beauty of SD-WAN is that it provides the security companies need within the Internet to trust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that create and use secure, always-on, global network connections. . Today and tomorrow. Unlike traditional solutions and MPLS, SD-WAN provides end-to-end encryption of data in transit as standard, making it more secure internally.

How Different Groups Can Leverage SD-WAN


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The adoption of SD-WAN has seen significant growth in many different industries and large enterprises. As a general rule of thumb, the more a business is dependent on IT applications that require communication with the distribution company, people, and devices, the more likely it is to use SD-WAN.


Store and business organizations need secure communications to avoid disclosure of credit information at checkout.

It is also important for sales organizations to have good communications to support their employees during sensitive work. You will no doubt find that a member of staff apologizes for a late purchase, a problem that is often caused by a lack of communication. SD-WAN technology can give a business the security it needs to send and receive sales financial data and ensure that networks are always fast and efficient.

Financial services

The financial industry is another sector that benefits from the security, reliability, and performance of SD-WAN. Organizations like banks need fast and reliable access to their databases when serving their customers. Financial networks are also increasingly required to access cloud services to operate, which is not an option for private networks.


Education is perhaps one of the sectors that has benefited the most from the digital transformation. Not long ago, schools only had ICT in class that were directly related to the subject. Now, with the advent of personal devices, digital curriculum, and online assessments, schools increasingly need broadband management.

SD-WAN allows universities to prioritize academic traffic and applications over the demands of the student population, for example streaming services like Netflix. You can also separate student traffic from teacher, administration, and guest traffic, protecting student privacy. For schools, universities and other public and private educational institutions, SD-WAN can offer better learning experiences with lower costs and higher bandwidth.

Stay focused

The speed at which technology evolves means that companies must maintain or risk being inappropriate. The same can be said for connectivity; Business demand is growing rapidly and is shaping the need for better, more cost-effective, and more efficient solutions.

As more and more organizations reap the benefits of SD-WAN, we may begin to see a shift in the way we think about the technologies that will support business growth and success. The advent of SD-WAN now means that organizations can stay focused on their IT business goals, while ensuring that connectivity is not the weak link in cloud adoption, but will be the foundation for digital success.

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