Top 3 Best Windows Backup Repair Tool of 2018 for Windows 10, 7, 8 & Vista

In this blog top 3 best Windows Backup Repair tool of 2018 explained by technical expert, it allows to repair & restore corrupt windows backup files for Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 & Vista & XP users.

Windows Backup Repair tool is one of the most user-friendly tools to recover corrupt backup files from your system. With a ground-breaking recovery algorithm, this software is capable in recovering maximum possible data from your corrupt Windows Backup BKF files.

Windows Backup Repair consists of software for repairing corrupt BKF files due to various reasons such as backup interruptions, CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors, virus corruptions, unrecognized media etc. It can also recover inaccessible data from corrupt BKF files, including documents, images, music files, Exchange EDB files, Exchange mailboxes, Exchange STM files etc.

These days entire software industry is loaded with numerous software that recover corrupt backup files. In order to make you more aware we have enlisted 3 top Windows Backup Repair software brand whose products are really good and helpful for all users.

Aryson Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro

Windows Backup Repair Pro tool is an amazing recovery software which is available in the market for resolving Corruptions of any kind. The company is a trusted brand whose products are globally recognized for providing 100% satisfaction.. It helps you restore maximum possible data from corrupt BKF files, and save them in their original form without causing any alteration.
The software is loaded with some of the most modern features which are listed below:

  • Pro version supports multiple BKF files at the same time for recovery.
  • Provides smart support for BKF files split into multiple parts.
  • BKF files compressed with all types of compression are also supported.
  • Two recovery modes, i.e. Standard & Advanced, with heuristic scanning option.
  • The software supports SQL database recovery from corrupt BKF files.
  • It also enables users to see preview of individual files before saving them.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface that requires no prior technical expertise.
  • Smart tree-structure preview of all the recovered files and folders.

SysInfoToolsBackup Exec BKF Repair Pro

The Windows Backup Repair Pro is another globally accredited software recovery brand known for its best BKF repair tool. The software is equipped with some outstanding features and easy-to-use interface which make this product really impressive.

The software is filled with wide range of features:

  • It’s highly compatible with all major versions of the Windows-based operating systems.
  • The user-interface of this software is easy and highly interactive.
  • It allows users to select multiple BKF files at a time to perform batch recovery.
  • It supports all form of corrupt BKF files created by both Windows NTBackup utility as well as VERITAS Backup Exec.
  • Two recovery modes, i.e. Standard and Advanced with Heuristic scanning feature.
  • It’s the only BKF Repair tool that supports corrupt BKF files which are split into multiple parts.
  • It can also recover SQL databases from corrupt BKF files with ease.

Stellar Windows Backup Repair

Stellar is another most popular name in the field of data recovery. The software products of this brand is also very popular among users. The Windows Backup Repair tool of stellar is really good and comes up with lots of advanced feature like as:

Advantages of stellar BKF Repair tool

  • It’s highly compatible with all major versions of the Windows-based operating systems.
  • Not only it can recover data from corrupt BKF files, but also from VHDX and ZIP files.
  • It’s truly a great BKF Repair tool containing amazing features, such as
  • The best part of this BKF Repair tool is its price. You just need to spend $89 to avail this tool.
  • Users are allowed to check the preview of their recovered data.
  • It supports corrupt BKF files created using NTBackup and Backup Exec by VERITAS.

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