Which Software is Best for Yahoo Mail Backup

In recent times, most of the users are searching for the best software to take Yahoo mail backup. It is really essential to take regular backup of your crucial emails. Here, I will be discussing which software is best for Yahoo Mail backup. But, before moving further let’s first know the importance of taking Yahoo mail backup. So, here we go.

Why Do We Need to Backup Emails from Yahoo?

There are various reasons why you might want to backup your Yahoo account. Some of the reasons are mentioned here:

  1. The user might want to sort through or share information that was in it offline, or sometimes they just want extra security. In such a case, the Yahoo account is getting compromised in one way or another.
  2. Yahoo does not provide any official way to back up your email.
  3. Sometimes it happens that we just want to get a Yahoo account in order and get rid of a heap of chaff emails that keep cluttering it. However, at the same time, we don’t want to permanently lose a potentially valuable connection.
  4. Whatever the reason may be, you find yourself in need of a backup of your Yahoo e-mail correspondence.
  5. Without a backup, your data is at risk.

Why Should We Use Software to Backup Yahoo Mail?

In order to back-up the emails stored in your Yahoo account, you can make use of the backup software because it allows creating copies of mailbox content stored on the Yahoo! Mail server. Handy Backup provides the Email plug-in for automating such tasks, allowing easy Yahoo mail folder backup as well as saving your messages to a local PC drive, an FTP server, a cloud or to an external USB drive.
Not only this but also the software can download Yahoo email data to Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, Thunderbird, Zimbra, etc email clients. The software also saves the Yahoo email to Thunderbird email directory without any manual help provided Thunderbird should be integrated and logged in onto users’ systems. As Yahoo does not provide any official method for backup so, you should take the help of software available online.

Here is Given Top 3 Best Yahoo Backup Tool for Yahoo Mail Backup

Brand Aryson Yahoo Backup Tool



Sysinfo Yahoo Backup Tool



Cigati Yahoo Backup Tool



Rating Average Rating 4.9 Based on 1108 Reviews Average Rating 4.9 Based on 118 Reviews Average Rating 4.8 Based on 462 Reviews
Version 21.1 21.1 21.1
Size 60.00 MB 64.00 MB 63.60 MB
Price 69 USD 69 USD 69 USD
Technical Features      
Backup Yahoo Mailbox emails from Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Sent, Trash and Other User Defined Folder(s).
Save Yahoo Mail along with attachment files.
Backup Yahoo Mail As PST, PDF, MSG, EML, TXT, HTML on Local System
Download Emails from Yahoo Account to Hard Drive
Take Email Backup from @yahoo.com, @oddpost.com, & @rocketemails.com
Date Range Filter – Backup Yahoo Mail According to Date.
Transfer Email from One Yahoo Mail Account to Another.
Switch Email from Yahoo Mail Account to Gmail Account.
Move Email from Yahoo Account to Hotmail(Outlook.com).
Export Yahoo Mail to IMAP Account.
Demo Version of Yahoo Backup Software to Extract Up to 50 Emails.
Delete Yahoo Mail from Server after Backup Emails.
Supports Windows 10 and all Below Versions.

Final Word

The above write-up is all about Yahoo mail backup. It is describing the best software to backup Yahoo Mail emails and what is the significance of taking the backup of Yahoo account emails. I hope it helps to resolve your query.

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