Best MS Access Password Recover Tools 2021

“In this blog, we will discuss what is MS Access Database, why we need MS Access Password Recovery tool and the best three MS Access password recovery tool that you can use to recover forgotten or lost password.”

Microsoft Office facilitates its users to secure their any documents by setting up a password so that no other can preview or modify their private data. This feature is available in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and also in Access.

However, it can really create a problem if you forgot the password because MS Office password system is highly secure and very hard to break. Keeping data secure is the high priority for most of the users these days but sometimes keeping track of all the passwords can really become a mess and end up losing few of them.

Have you forgotten your MS Access password and want to recover, then read this blog and I’ll suggest you best 3 tools to recover lost MS Access password in no time.

But before that let’s clear what MS Access Database actually is?

What is MS Access Database?

Microsoft Access is a data management tool that allows the user to store information for reporting, remark and examine. It benefits you while evaluating huge amounts of information, and it manages data better than Microsoft Excel. Also, the MS Access database management system assists Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a distinct UGI and software-development tools.

Why we need MS Access Password Recover tools?

Like we discussed earlier keeping the record of all the password can seriously create a mess and you end up losing few of them. These tools are very well equipped with advanced algorithm to recover forgotten or lost password. They can even restore the password of the corrupted file with just a few clicks.

All right, now let’s get down to the business. As we all know that there are an uncountable number of tools to recover lost or forgotten your MS access password and if you landed on this page then I assume you are looking for best, so here are three best MS Access Password Recover Tool that I found when I was facing the same problem.

1. Aryson Access Password Recovery

Aryson MS Access password recovery tool is a very well designed tool to reset and restore/recover MS Access password skillfully. Its advanced algorithm let users reset the original passwords of Access database in no time. The interface of this software is so easy to understand that even a non-technical user can use it to recover original MS Access passwords without any help.


  • Restores MS Access passwords.
  • Recovery of multilingual ACCDB and MDB passwords. 
  • Supports MS Access database versions (MS Access 2000, 2002 and even from 2003) 
  • Resets or restore passwords from encrypted Access database also. 
  • Efficient software to restore forgotten passwords in safe mode 
  • Very simple and easy to understand GUI 
  • Compatible for all versions of Windows.


  • This premium tool only has one problem that it is not free of cost.

2. Sysinfotools MS Access Password Recovery

SysInfo Access Password recovery has more than efficient algorithms to recover forgotten or lost MS Access Database passwords. It generates the original password instantly without wasting any time. Any user can run this software to recover MDB passwords, no matter it was encrypted or encrypted or any jumbled characters.


  • Supports recovery MS Access database files password easily. 
  • Multi encoding support.
  • Compatible with entire Access Database series (Access 2003, 2002, and 2000). 
  • Reset or restore password of strong unencrypted or encrypted.
  • Highly effective, recover the password without any data loss.
  • Recovers multilingual password. 
  • The free demo is available online for evaluation.


  • In the demo version, it only shows the first two characters in spite of complete password.

3. Access Password Unlocker

This tool is efficient in the deep analysis of the password algorithm and also the implementation of the generated MS office. This tool similarly can reset the of both encrypted and unencrypted MS Access files. It was recently updated for better GUI.


  • 100% password recovery.
  • Recover MS Access password very easily and efficiently.  
  • Support MS Access 2007/2003/2000/97. 
  • Reset MS Access 2007 password fast with only 3 attacks. 
  • Simple GUI.
  • Easy and safe. 


  • This tool as well works perfectly and reset or recovers your password but it is somewhat slower than the above two. 


These are the three software that I found which are the best among the best. You can use any one of them to restore your MS Access password without wasting any time as all of them are build with the perfect recovery algorithm.

Hope this blog would help you to decide which MS Access Password recovery tool you should opt. If you find a better software for this task then do share with us in the comment section.

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