Friday, November 27, 2020

How to Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird

In this article, we will explore ways to Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird. Let’s start with the fundamentals of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a free, cross-platform, and open-source email client. Besides, it manages email, chat, news feeds, and newsgroups. It is based on POP, SMTP & IMAP protocols along with huge functionality. Mozilla Thunderbird was designed to work with Google’s Gmail. Users can integrate Gmail mailbox to Thunderbird by using IMAP. The data can be downloaded from the Gmail server using POP.

Both Thunderbird & Gmail have to be designed to complete the integration at the respective ends. Thunderbird can be considered to work perfectly with Google's Gmail service. Hence, for better access add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird. Let’s try to know the reasons behind the migration of Gmail to thunderbird.

Why Do You Need to Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is one of the System-based email applications. Therefore, it is easy for users to control and access their complete data without Internet connectivity. However, it becomes easy for users to configure multiple accounts in a single place. Besides, few reasons are more appropriate in regards to the migration process of Gmail emails to Thunderbird are:

  • Thunderbird files can be stored easily on the user’s desktop, therefore, the users are permitted to access the data.

  • In Thunderbird, it is impossible to delete email messages because of some external issues.

  • Moreover, data files have to be shared among several users if required.

Now, discuss the methods to perform Thunderbird Gmail download.

  1. Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird-Manual Method 

Here, we are going to configure Gmail by using restore backed up emails from the user account. Following are the mentioned steps to import Gmail email to Thunderbird:

  • First, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your local System. 

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and select Contacts. 

  • Click on More and select Export From the Menu bar.  On some systems, a warning message pops-up that the Export feature is not available. In such a situation, choose the“Go-To Old Contacts” icon. 

  • Open all contacts in a new tab. Now, start to select the contacts that you need to export by ticking each of them. Else, mark all contacts by using the “All” option.

  • Select the “More” option and then navigate the “Export” option from the Menu bar.

  • Now, In a new dialog popup, enable “All Contacts”, and “Outlook CSV format” and tap “Export”. After complete migration, .csv file is downloaded to Desktop.

  • At present, to open Thunderbird Account, select Address Book. 

  • Next, open Mozilla Thunderbird Address Window. Tap Tools from the top and choose the “Import” tab. 

  • Here, move to the  “Address Books” from the given options and hit Next.

  • In the new Wizard, select “Text File (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt)” option and tap Next. 

  • Attach the path directory where the save Gmail contacts file. Select All Files to view the .csv file and then, double-click to pick it.   

  • Finally, contacts were imported successfully. And a new list name that displays Contacts that are present on the left of Thunderbird Address Window.

Now, Thunderbird downloads all mail from Gmail, and users can access all their Gmail data precisely in a Thunderbird account.

Professional Method to Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird

As we know, manual methods are very complex and time-consuming. However, non-technical users face difficulties while migrating Gmail emails to Thunderbird using manual methods. By using the Gmail Migration Tool, users can easily export Gmail account data into Thunderbird email clients.  All data like emails, contacts, and calendars can be exported simultaneously, there is no need to migrate one by one. Besides, the tool downloads documents locally too.

  • It can download the data from Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Photos, etc.

  • Maintains the folder hierarchy throughout the process.

  • It benefits users to access google contacts from the mailbox directory.

  • More than 10+ file formats for saving the Gmail mailbox items.

  • Permits users to store Gmail mailbox data to PST, MSG, EML, TXT, PDF, and other formats.

  • Allows users to directly convert emails from Gmail to Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and many other Gmail accounts.

  • Date Range Filter Feature that can backup and migrate emails of Gmail according to its date range.

  • Free Demo version is available which allows users to backup up to 50 emails. 

  • To use this tool, the users have to have Gmail login credentials and App Password.

Here, the conversion of Gmail to Thunderbird is completed. Now, let’s move to the conclusion of Gmail Thunderbird migration


The above article rectifies the issue How to Add Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird?. Many users prefer to use a system-based email client like Thunderbird. The manual method has a lengthy process and sometimes it fails to resolve the issue. To keep your data safe and precise, we would like to recommend using the Gmail backup tool. However, this tool is easy to use and accurately store the data.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

How to Forward Gmail to Hotmail Easily

This article describes a way to manually forward Gmail to Hotmail. People use various email clients according to their requirements. Gmail is one of the foremost popular web-based email clients. It is a free service and can be accessed from a web browser wherever in the world with an Internet connection.

Many people have been asking for some time what is the difference between Gmail and Hotmail. What are the advantages of one over the other? The fact is that both are extensive and important web-based email services. 

Gmail and Hotmail both are developed by different organizations. Both companies give almost the same services. Both have appearance and layout are different, Hotmail presents more colorful designs while Gmail seems to be serious and conservative. However, the applications provided by Gmail are diverse.

Let’s see how to Gmail auto-forward specific emails by using the manual steps.

How to Forward Gmail to Hotmail Manually

Follow these steps to solve the query How to Forward Gmail to Hotmail easily.

  • Firstly, log in with your Gmail credentials in Google Mail Account.

  • Secondly, select the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Gmail screen.

  • Thirdly, choose to see all settings from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • Then, Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

             Instruction: Jump to Gmail's Settings

  • In the Forwarding section, preferred to Add a forwarding address.

  • Enter the email address you need to forward future Gmail messages to, then press Next.

  • Choose to proceed in the pop-up window, then choose OK.

  • Gmail sends a verification email to the address you want to forward to. Open it and verify the link.

  • After that choose Forward a copy of incoming mail to

  • Moreover, select the field next to When messages are accessed with POP to tell Gmail what to do besides forwarded messages. Choose one of the subsequent options from the drop-down menu.

  • Select Save Changes.

From now on, you will be able to forward Gmail to Hotmail easily.

First, when arranging up forwarding in this manner, only new messages can be forwarded. So, if your goal was to move previously received an email from your Gmail folder to your Hotmail account. Then, you might consider using the backup tool instead of this method. This tool is developed by various new techniques that can assist you while email forwarding outlook and many more file formats. It reduces time consumption and is easy to operate with this tool. 

So, we will suggest you have a look at this tool which is also said as a professional way to forward Gmail to Hotmail and various features.

Professional Method

The Professional Tool is the ultimate solution to backup Gmail mailbox with all its elements. It exports Gmail Emails to Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and other Gmail accounts. 

Although, Gmail Backup is the foremost Windows-based utility. It permits the user to take the backup of Gmail on the complete Windows OS as a file format. The tool is accessible in both demo and full version and can be downloaded from the official website. By using the tool it’s easy to forward Gmail to Hotmail. 

As it seems easy to backup Gmail emails using this software that is not achievable using the manual methods. One can use the Gmail Backup Tool that is developed with optimizing and advanced algorithms that make it simple to do the process. The features of the software allow users to migrate Gmail to Outlook, into different-different email clients, and file formats. 

Features of Professional Method

Gmail Backup Tool assists users to take the backup of Gmail Account along with their inbox, spam, junk, sent emails, etc. If a user is planning to take the backup of the Gmail mailbox, then they can easily download or backup Gmail on Hard Drive. The tool gives options to choose the date range options and take Gmail email backup according to date at the local system.

  • Downloads the emails with all the elements from a particular Google account.

  • It is proficient in downloading the data from Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Photos, Contacts, etc.

  • Enables users to directly migrate Gmail to Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and other Gmail accounts.

  • Exports email from Gmail as PST file format of the MS Outlook Email Client.

  • For this software control, the users have to require Gmail login credentials and a third App Password for Gmail.

Final Words

As with the manual method, there are some limitations attached to the procedure to forward Gmail to Hotmail. We have suggested another way to easily migrate an email forwarding outlook. You can migrate both manually and Professionally, however, the professional method is easy to operate. Besides, it reduces the time efficiency in comparison to the manual method.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

How to Backup Gmail Account Emails on Hard Drive?

Keeping a backup Gmail account is a wise step to take. But do you know how you can do it? If not, then learn it from here. In this blog, we will cover various ways to backup Gmail emails. 

Gmail account is one of the most commonly used email clients for storing crucial information. But to keep that data safe is a hard task as the probability of losing data is way higher. Thus, many users want to be safe by saving these emails on their hard drives. In this way, they can get mailboxes whenever they want and it will be more secure than the previous option.

Now the question arises how and why backup Gmail account emails? That we will discuss one by one so stick to this article to know the email backup process. So, let’s start the article by knowing the reasons behind this backup.

Reasons to Take Backup of Gmail Email

There are plenty of reasons that influence the user to use the backup option. Some of them are stated below:

  1. For backup purposes.

  2. Or, their Gmail account storage is getting filled. 

  3. To protect your Gmail account and messages from hackers or incorrect passwords.

Methods to Backup Gmail Account

Backup Gmail on Hard Drive by Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout can help the users by generating a replica of their entire Google Account, and also Gmail data. One can use it by using the following steps:

1. In the beginning, typing in your browser's Address field. Users must sign in before they utilize the tool. 

2. Now, use the scroll bar on the right to see the list of data, that can be utilized for the backup via this utility. Here, users can view all the types of data to access your Google account.

3. Then, to the right to back up your Gmail account, slide the Gmail slider. If one tap on the down arrow to the left of the slider, then the screen will expand. Users can choose or refine the selected parts of your Gmail for backup purposes. 

Pick one out of these options: 

  • To Include all your mail for your all Gmail back up by tapping on the toggle next.

  • Hit the toggle button next to Select labels. After that, the user can select the labels (folders) for backup. 


4. Once the user picks the data types to back up, tap the Next button on the lower left of the screen. Now, the Customize archive format screen will appear. User can state 

the following characteristics of your archive:

  • Use .zip as your default file type for your archive file. Hit the down arrow to pick the .tgz file type. 

  • Users can utilize the maximum file archive size of 50GB. Tap the down arrow to select one out of the following file sizes. These are: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB. 

  • Delivery method. Here, users can get their archived data. Tap the down arrow to select between receiving an email download link, a file on Google Drive, a file on Dropbox, or a file on OneDrive.

Point to remember: Normally,  archives get stored on Google Drive count against the Google storage quota. If your archive is quite large, then select other ways of receiving it.

5. Once the user chooses the archive format options, then, tap the Create Archive button located in the lower-left corner.

Now, the user can see the process of archiving is being prepared. Once it is completed, users will be notified of the archive's location via email.

Point to remember: a user's email hugely depends on the option of delivery method that one selects.

6. From here, go according to the instructions stated in the email to access your Gmail archive. 

Backup Gmail account through MS Outlook

  • Initially, start the MS Outlook and log in.

  • Tap on the Settings Gear button, then tap on the View All Outlook Settings option from the dropdown menu.

  • Now, tap on Gmail and choose the Sync Email option.

  • Here, the user will see a window on the screen in which they have to type the display name.

  • Hit on the option Connect your Google Account.

  • Next, generate a new folder for the emails from where all the Gmail Emails will import. And, tap on the OK button.

  • Select the Gmail Account from where one can import their entire emails to Outlook.

  • Next, input the credentials of your Gmail Account. And, tap on the Next Button.

  • After that, the user will be asked for authentication. Tap on Allow and close the Setting Windows.

Users can easily save these emails as a PST file on their PC as soon as they are imported. From here, users can move the PST file into an external hard drive and the backup of Gmail emails will generate.

Using Professional Tool

These were some of the tips and tricks that one can follow to backup Gmail emails. If these methods don't go well as expected then try the alternative options. Users can try the Gmail Backup tool to get the backup of Gmail as MBOX, PST, EML, MSG, EMLX on a Local PC/Computer. The utility also offers the Free Demo version to backup up 50 emails of Gmail for free.

Last Remark

Now, I hope users know the different approaches to backup Gmail accounts. Here, they can easily backup their emails either through manual or alternative options.