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How to Repair MS Outlook Personal Folder File (PST) using Inbox Repair Tool

This blog explains the simple steps to repair MS Outlook Personal Folder file (PST) with the help of Inbox Repair Tool, here is simple guides of Outlook users for repairing Outlook personal folder file.

3 Steps to Repair Outlook Personal Folder file with Inbox Repair Tool

This following article will give you a detailed step by step guide on how to repair Outlook personal folder file .pst with the help of Inbox repair tool. In addition, I will also suggest you a renowned software, if in case this free technique doesn't work.
In this twenty-first century, Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat and other social media websites play an important role in connecting the world. These social community websites helped us in knowing people even from different continents.

But even after all these social options emails still plays a major part for most of our communication, professional and personal both.

And one of the most used email clients is MS Outlook. This application is developed by Microsoft a few years back and is broadly used by many major organizations. Even we use this for our personal needs too.

Being a featured rich application, it is one of the most widely used email clients. We use it for sending & receiving emails, creating tasks, managing meetings and so on. So even a small issue or damage in Outlook will affect a lot of us. It can cripple our work.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook does face issues. And one of the major issues is file corruption.
Note: MS Outlook save your files and emails in PST format for later use.
And these PST files gets corrupted very easily. Corruption in PST files may lead to data loss. You might not be able to access your emails and other mailbox items like tasks, attachments and so on.
That is why Microsoft has launched its own repair tool named Inbox Repair Tool to repair Outlook personal folder or MS Outlook PST file. This tool can easily repair corrupt MS Outlook personal folder without any hassle.

So with this article, I will share you a step by step guide on how to repair Outlook personal folder file with Microsoft Inbox repair tool.

But before that, we need to understand the reasons for corruption.

Reasons For Outlook Personal Folder Corruption

There are various reasons due to which a PST file of Outlook gets corrupted. And one of the major reasons for this is oversize PST files.
Every Outlook version has a size limitation for PST files. And if your PST files exceed that limit then there are great chances of your PST files getting corrupted.
And once these PST files face corruption, your MS Outlook fails to open your emails and other items. The oversize issue doesn't only cause corruption in your PST files but it also results in various other issues like:
  • Creates lag in your Outlook
  • May hang in between your work
  • Will lead to poor performance of your Outlook

So now the question is what should one do, to deter this issue?

The best way to resolve the issue is to split large PST files into smaller PST files.
To split your files, you may check out this manual technique:
Split Large PST File of MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2010 & 2007 Manually
By splitting the oversize PST files you can easily avoid this corruption issue.
Note: This is a precautionary measure and splitting PST files will not work if your PST files have exceeded its size limit. So you have to do it beforehand.
Though one of the primary reason for Outlook personal folder corruption is oversized PST files there are some other factors too which lead to corruption like:
  • Virus attacks
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Hard drive failure
  • Storage media malfunction and so on

However, if your files are already corrupted then the only way to repair Outlook personal folder is by using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.
So let's now see, how to use this application to repair MS Outlook PST file.

DIY Guide To Repair Outlook Personal Folder

Note: Before you start using Inbox repair tool, you first have to locate it.
The file is automatically installed during MS Office or MS Outlook installation. But before running it you have to locate the executable file first.
So below are the locations where you will get the exec file of Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe

Step 1: Now, after you have located the file. Launch the file by double clicking the .exe file

Step 2: Here, browse and locate the PST file that you want to repair

Step 3: Now click on 'Start' to start the scanning process

Step 4: Be patient enough till the scanning process gets over.

Step 5: Keep in mind, to select 'Make backup of scanned file before repairing' box and  click 'Repair'

Step 6: Finally your repair is complete

Advantages Of Using Inbox Repair Tool

  • Free of cost

Disadvantages Of Using Inbox Repair Tool

· Time-consuming process

·         A little-complicated process
·         The process works with minimal corruption
Repair MS Outlook PST File With Outlook Repair Tool
The Inbox Repair Tool aka Scanpst.exe works fine in repairing corrupt MS Outlook PST files. But there are certain situations, where this free Microsoft application doesn't work as said and the major reason for this is corruption type.

If your MS Outlook PST files are facing high corruption then this application might not work as said because this tool can rectify only small amount of corruption errors.
So if the Scanpst.exe couldn't repair the files then the only option that is left with you guys is using a professional software.

One of the renowned applications in this segment is Outlook PST Repair.
I have evaluated this tool and find it very helpful in repairing Outlook personal folder files. This application is known for its effectiveness and for the quick recovery. The Outlook Repair tool not only restores corrupt PST files but also has the ability to recover deleted emails from your PST files. It can also recover your emails, contacts, tasks, calendars etc that too just under few clicks. Plus the tool is also loaded with an extremely interactive user-interface making it easier for non-technical guys to use it without any help or assistance.

Advantages Of Using Software
  • Effective
  • Quick repair MS Outlook personal folder
  • Securely repair files without any data loss
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Demo version available for evaluation
Disadvantages Of Using Software
  • Paid full version
So this is how to repair Outlook personal folder file. You can either use Inbox repair tool or can use a software, it fully dependent on you. So make sure you choose the correct option.
Note: If using the software, make sure you download the demo version first before going for the full version.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to Export or Convert Outlook Emails into Thunderbird for Free?

This tutorial will show you a step by step guide on how to convert MS Outlook emails into Thunderbird. The article speaks about free manual procedures and software execution to export MS Outlook files into Thunderbird seamlessly. It will also showcase all the pros and cons of these procedures and which would be a better option for this types of migration.

A Brief on MS Outlook & Thunderbird

Both MS Outlook and Thunderbird are email clients but there are certain features which makes the difference between them. So before trying to import Outlook mailbox to Thunderbird, we need to have some idea on both these email clients.
MS Outlook is undoubtedly one of the most popular email clients in recent times of Microsoft 's Office suite. Many small and large organizations use Outlook with MS Exchange server or SharePoint server to manage calendars, coordinate meetings and even to share mailboxes. The best feature of Outlook is that it let users to work even on offline mode.
Whereas Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla Foundation and it is an open source application developed for cross-platform use. Thunderbird can be used in Windows, MAC as well as in Linux operating systems to manage emails, RSS feeds, news feeds and so on.

 Outlook Email Recovery

Reasons To Migrate Outlook to Thunderbird

There are various reasons due to which a  lot of users migrate MS Outlook mailbox into Thunderbird format.
  • Compatibility: One of the major reasons for migration of MS Outlook email into Thunderbird is its compatibility. Thunderbird is a cross-platform application and runs swiftly on various Operating systems.
  • Price Tag: MS Outlook has one of the most user-friendly interface and is loaded with some amazing features but it has some paid features too. Whereas Thunderbird is a free tool and don't charge anything from its users.

A Manual Guide To Import Outlook Mailbox to Thunderbird

The process to convert MS Outlook emails onto Thunderbird is not a complicated task. You can easily do it with the help of this guide for free:
Note: There are two scenarios which I will be sharing: 1. In case of single machine transfer and 2. In case of migration from one machine to another.
So choose the process that suits you.

Scenario 1: Single Machine Transfer

  • Go to 'Start'
  • Select 'Default Programs'
  • Now choose 'Set your default program'
  • Select 'Outlook' option
  • Now click on 'Set this Program as default option'
  • After setting your preference, launch Thunderbird in your system
  • Go to 'Tools' tab
  • Select 'Import' and
  • Go to 'Mail' tab and select the 'Radio Button' just next to it
  • Now click on 'Next' and choose 'Outlook'
  • Now click on 'Next' and then 'Finish'
This is how you can import or convert Outlook to Thunderbird

Scenario 2: Migration From One System to Multiple Ones

  • First install Thunderbird on the system where Outlook is pre-installed
  • After installing, close Thunderbird
  • Now go to 'Start' button and type %APPDATA% in the search box
  • Now choose 'Roaming' folder
  • Next, go to 'system’s USB port attach an external device'
  • Under the 'Roaming Window' right click on 'Thunderbird folder'
  • Choose 'Send to' option and select 'Externally Connected Device to import data'
  • After selection, add an external device to your system and then open it
  • Now right click on 'Thunderbird folder' and copy the folder
  •  And again click on 'Start' button and type %APPDATA% in the search box
  • Now select 'Roaming' folder
  • Now delete the 'Thunderbird' folder and paste the new 'Thunderbird' folder
So here is how you can migrate Outlook mailbox to Thunderbird if you have different systems to work out with.
Advantages Of Using Manual Techniques
  • Free of cost
Disadvantages Of Using Manual Techniques
  • Complicated process
  • Time consuming process
  • Chance of losing your data
  • Doesn't let users to transfer contacts
Convert Outlook Emails into Thunderbird With The Help Of A Software
Being an expert and a n ex-tool analyst, have reviewed and tested many software applications which are worthy enough to list their names but one of the most advanced and featured rich application to migrate Outlook to Thunderbird is Outlook Recovery. This tool is one of the finest tools in importing files from Microsoft Outlook and let users to save these files into Thunderbird MBOX format. The best part of this application is that it can even support corrupt PST files. The user interface of this software is very easy to understand and execute. So that even a novice user can also use it without any help. Plus they have a free version too with which you can evaluate the tool and its performance.
Advantages Of Using Software
  • Fast and effective
  • Secure way to convert Outlook to Thunderbird
  • Simple and easy user-interface
  • Support corrupt PST files
Disadvantages Of Using Software
  • For a full version you have to pay a small amount
So this is how you can export / import Outlook mailbox to Thunderbird through manual techniques and Software. So it is fully up to you whether you want to go for manual procedure or software.
Manual procedures are good but lengthy and complicated where as software are paid but easy to execute and very effective.
Hope you liked this article.